General queries 

Do you undertake commercial shoots?

Yes! I currently have consistent photo and video contracts with several different companies and restaurants. For product photography, real estate and  headshots.

For any commercial enquiries please contact me on 

07 803 899 412 or email.

How do I receive my photos?

You will receive your photos via email within one weeks time of the shoot. From that email photos can be downloaded to a phone or laptop.

Do you only shoot in Edinburgh?

No! I can shoot any location I am constantly traveling for commercial clients in the South of Scotland.

Do you shoot video?

Yes! I am really keen to shoot more.

My shoot doesn't fit your packages?

That is no worries! I would always recommend anyone to contact me before they book me so we are both on the same page. We can tailor a your shoot to any and all your specifications.

Where is your most recent work?

On my Instagram @charleseedmedia 

Do you shoot weddings?

Yes! I am currently a second shooter for a wedding photographer, I haven't as yet had the opportunity to shoot my own wedding. But I absolutely  would.

Can you shoot my event?

Yes! I have shot events in the past.

Pricing queries 

Is my deposit refundable?

It is a non refundable deposit. A deposit is paid to ensure that clients arrive on time and so that all shoots can be given my full proper attention. Obviously things happen but if you know you cannot make a shoot you must contact me to reschedule.